Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mirror Mind

The nature of mind is like a mirror.

Thoughts are like the reflections in the mirror.

If you point a mirror to reflect flowers, people will thing "Oh how beautiful!"

If you point a mirror to reflect dog shit people will think: "Eww, how disgusting!"

Whether reflecting flowers or dog shit, the nature of the mirror remains the same.

The nature of mind is undisturbed by the content of the mind.

The content comes and goes, but the underlying state is the same.

Relax and rest in the nature of mind rather than the content.

Having been introduced to this state, remain within it, allowing content to arise and dissipate within the mind without disturbing your awareness.

There is no higher teaching than this.

*I realize that this is quite similar to what many dzogchen teachers call the Introduction to the Nature of mind. I am not attempting to be a cyber-lama here. If you go and actually receive these instructions from an expert Dzogchen teacher, there is a lot more that goes on mind to mind, than just a little rap like this. However, the idea above is so fundamental to human nature itself, that i refuse to see it as belonging to one tradition or another.


  1. Excellent. This is the best, most simple example I have come across of this.

    Kim Sequoia

  2. I like the really simple approach and explanation to this fundamental idea.

  3. Very true, I think there's stuff relating to that in the Bible as well, though I can't place exactly the quote right now.

    But it's commonsense, and of course like all common-sense, we all tend to regularly forget it!

    (Just found your blog via a comment over @Augoeides blog btw, so Hi from a first-time reader!)